Thinking of Subdividing Land in Melbourne? Then This is Just What You Need to Read!

Subdividing Land in Melbourne

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Low Cost Draftsman Melbourne presents you a pocket cheat sheet guide to land subdivision that would be extremely useful to you

When one hears about land subdivision, the first thing to come to mind is the division of land into two or more units in order to gain a good return on investment. 

But it’s not that simple, is it? If all that land subdivision involved was just partition of land, then wouldn’t anyone be going for their very own town planning in, say, Melbourne or Brighton. In reality, any subdividing land Melbourne task is pretty complex, tedious and requires expert assistance to get all the approvals needed for successful land subdivision, anywhere in VIC. Needless to say, this adds a lot of frustration and stress to you, doesn’t it?

Courtesy of the tremendous possibility of disappointment and failure, it is highly recommended to partner with a legitimate draftsman in Melbourne to carry on with your land subdivision Victoria process. 

But we understand… it can get really confusing out there. Some aspiring land subdivision people even end up hiring an architect in Melbourne to get their town planning done! As such, we have written this friendly and helpful guide for you. We will now present a few important land subdivision and town planning Melbourne pointers that would help you understand subdividing land in Melbourne better and guide you in avoiding any costly mistakes that waste your time, money and resources. With that being said, let’s get on with it! 

Your Draftsman Melbourne Guidelines for Success in Subdividing Land in Melbourne

Get well-acquainted with all zoning rules and regulations

One needs to understand that subdividing land in Melbourne depends on the requirements of the local council more than anything else. These council requirements entail zoning regulations and restrictions which your land should adhere to in order to gain approvals for subdivision. Therefore, if you have a piece of land in mind that you wish to subdivide, make sure that your land meets all local zoning requirements. 

Check with your local council whether your land meets the necessary zoning requirements and if you get the green signal, go ahead with it. If your land doesn’t, you simply cannot subdivide it. While zoning is just one of the many requirements for successful subdivision, it is undoubtedly one of the most crucial. 

The size of your property to be subdivided

Local councils have their predefined size requirement for a feasible subdivision process. But in general, as a thumb rule properties need to be over 700 sq m in size. Therefore, get the exact measurement of your property/land before going ahead for a subdivision project. 

The topographical features

The slope of your land has a detrimental impact on its feasibility for subdivision. This is why you should get in touch with a professional land surveyor in order to ascertain the possibility of your land to get subdivided successfully without facing any hassles. 

Ensure a sound structure

It goes without saying that the structure that you are aiming to subdivide needs to be structurally sound, being able to go through subdivision processes such as renovation without any structural failures and faults. As such, it is suggested to do your homework and test your property for its structural stability and integrity before you decide to go ahead with the subdivision process

What are the benefits of subdividing land in Melbourne? (H2)

Some of the most important benefits of land subdivision Melbourne include the following:

  • You can gain a good profit from selling off a part of your land
  • Land subdivision tremendously increases the value of your property
  • Paves the way for the development of towns and cities
  • It gets easier to commercialise the land of your property
  • You can construct different types of buildings in specific lots
  • You can keep some of the land as a source of rental income

Breaking down the process of subdividing land in Melbourne by the top draftsman you can get in Melbourne or Brighton!

The subdivision process in Melbourne, VIC can be broken down as follows:

Town Planning Permit

Before title boundaries are created the council will need to understand how your land will be used. As a result, a town planning permit needs to be approved first and needs to meet various clause 54 or 55 requirements. This includes complying with neighbourhood character, private open space, car parking and site coverage requirements

Title and Plan Diagram

The title and the plan diagram are essential for all the initial discussions with a licensed land surveyor and possibly, even the Council. This basically ascertains whether your land can be deemed fit to be subdivided. Typical queries involved pertain to the size of the land and local zoning requirements. 


A licensed surveyor will survey your land and craft a subdivision plan after working in close proximity with you. Subsequently, the design of the subdivision will be finalised by the surveyor after they liaise with the Council to make sure that all the necessary requirements are satisfied.

Council Approval

Following the finalisation of the plan, it will be submitted to the Council for approval. The Council would then run a check of your application with the authorities and ensure that everything is in order. Consequently, the Council will approve or reject the application based on whether the necessary requirements are met or not. 

Preparation of Relevant Documentation on Approval

On receiving approval, you would need a lawyer or conveyancer to prepare the documents needed to take the subdivision forward. This includes important certificates and forms that would need to be lodged at Land Victoria. They will verify your identity and approve all the documentation if it meets their requirements. 

Title Certification

Lastly, your land subdivision plan is officially registered and all relevant personnel will be granted their title certifications. You can then proceed with the land subdivision process.

Low Cost Draftsman: Your Local Draftsman Melbourne for Successful Subdivision in VIC

Low Cost Draftsman is a premier draftsman, town planning and subdivision company Melbourne based in Brighton. With a team of the finest subdivision experts in VIC, we understand your frustrations associated with the entire process and as such, effectively help you get all the approvals from the council required to achieve land subdivision. 

So sit back, relax and let us handle all the paperwork, research, council requirements and procedures to get you your land subdivision Melbourne approval(s). 

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