What is STCA and what is STCA approval all about?

What does STCA mean for your property - Explained

Chances are, you may have come across these terms while browsing through Australian real estate websites looking for your dream property:


What is STCA and why is it there?

STCA stands for Subject to Council Approval and is a term that is used to recount the subdivision/development potential of the property in question. STCA comes into the picture when claims about a property’s development opportunities in real estate marketing flyers or signage. It can more simply be understood as a sales pitch used by real estate agents in order to add recognisable value to a property.

Note: STCA is pure marketing. There is no council ‘STCA approval’ required. While STCA may indicate potential of development in a property, it does not necessarily mean a property can undergo one. It’s a marketing strategy and you must contact a professional to understand the true potential of your property in terms of development.

What Does STCA Mean?

STCA meaning: Whenever you see a property under STCA, it means the possibilities to develop a site far off it’s already existing use is recognised and has been perceived as a step that adds value to the property.

While the real estate agents may state that a property carries subdivision potential STCA, it is crucial to have a professional advice to conduct thorough and detailed documentation of the property in question’s subdivision attributes. Chances are, during the course of evaluation and research, the need for any further investments can be accurately estimated. This way, you also get expert insights on possibilities of getting STCA Melbourne and STCA Victoria (and other locations’ STCA approval) approvals.

By consulting a seasoned and experienced town planner like one from Low Cost Draftsman, you get to know everything that can make your investment decision work in your favour.

Note: A real estate agent may feed the idea of potential development with statements like ‘You may be able to do this, but it’s totally up to you. I hold no guarantee of results’. Low Cost Draftsman advises against taking quick actions because the deal looks tempting and has a STCA approval tag on it. Get in touch with professionals to understand the property’s true worth, potential and value.

What Does STCA Mean Property?

It simply means the listed property may have scope for potential development but not necessarily accommodate the development due to planning regulations or for other legal reasons. Any property under the ‘Subject To Council Approval’ doesn’t necessarily promise results suitable for your motive.

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How to get STCA approval

What is STCA in real estate?

Any property listed as ‘STCA property’ should be taken into account with tactful consideration and professional handling. STCA is an indication to invest in professional advice about the property/site in question’s development potential and the chances of concerned Council’s approval.


Any property under STCA is made to look lucrative and enticing investment opportunity. While the real estate agents may do their best in making the property or site sound like everything you have been trying to get your hands on, it is necessary that you seek professional help before making an investment.

Relying on real estate agents is a no no when it comes to town planning. The agents are programmed to work to fetch a vendor best price for the property and take a commission slice out of the deal. They may not necessarily get you the best of deals and may leave you in the blunder of the Council approval process.


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At Low Cost Draftsman, we understand what it means to invest in your own property and why look for scope for potential development. The benefits of handpicking your dream property should be hassle-free and highly profitable for you.

With STCA being around, it is natural for you to feel intrigued about the property’s potential and offerings but the risks a STCA property comes with are unimaginable.

Low Cost Draftsman has highly experienced team of town planners who are committed to ensure that your investment is sound and made after careful analysis of the STCA property. We thoroughly analyse and evaluate the property to determine its true potential and if the scope for potential development holds.

We realise that with any property/site acquisition, relevant due diligence plays a key role in the development process. Undergoing the town planning step ensures you have all quarters of project development covered.

While the final decision is yours, Low Cost Draftsman ensures that everything is on the table for you to consider.

We understand your concerns and are always ready to address your concerns about how to get STCA approval, what is STCA, how much does STCA cost, STCA approval, STCA planning permit and even help understand planning regulations for your best benefit.

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