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We understand how frustrating getting Council approval can be. Not to mention, the application traditionally involves tedious paperwork and documentation, making it a challenge for people looking for land subdivision.

Rest assured, it’s not just you! Council approval is a great pain for anyone and it costs a lot of time and money. In such instances, getting professional assistance with your application and approval would be the icing on the cake, isn’t it?

Well, we are exactly who you are looking for!

At Low Cost Draftsman, we come with years of experience and an unmatched expertise that is backed with the skills and knowledge of draftsmen, town planners, property personnel and Council experts who make Council applications and approvals a smooth ride for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let us get it done for you! Simple.

What You Need To Know About Subdividing Land?

There are certain concepts you need to be aware of, before deciding to subdivide a land. These concepts include some key pointers about the property and planning approval and this includes: area of the site, zoning, neighbourhood plans and overlays.

  • Zonings lays the basis for the kind of development that would possibly occur on your site
  • Neighbourhood plans help guide the development of the site in local areas. With constructive input from residents and workspace owners in the neighbouring area, neighbourhood plans are created as legal documents
  • Overlays highlight the unique features of a property that are meant to be protected, areas of importance and those that are an essential part of the entire plan such as structures built to offer protection from natural disasters

Why Is Subdivision So Important?


Land subdivision is an excellent means to increase your profits. The demand for housing is a hot special trend in VIC and with such a tremendous potential, subdivision of land can present you with attractive profits in the long run.

With our team of experts with you, you can be correctly guided throughout the subdivision process

What Does The Subdivision Process Involve?

The primary processes in land subdivision can be explained through the following three steps:

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For the subdivision to happen, a planning permit is to be granted. This planning permit will highlight the general conditions that must be fulfilled for complete approval

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A licensed surveyor would create and certify a formal plan for subdivision that much comply with the planning permit

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A statement of compliance is issued for the subdivision, highlighting the fact that it is in accordance with all planning permit requirements

We possess highly competent and knowledgeable personnel who come with years of experience and a successful track record to make your Council application and approval a success!

Simplifying Council Approvals With Expert Help!

Getting the required Council approvals is not easy. But with us, it is! With the right amount of experience and expertise necessary to make the process of getting approvals hassle-free and quick, Low Cost Draftsman is the partner you need.

We come with an exceptional track record of working in numerous subdivision projects and getting the approvals successfully. Our team of driven and passionate town planners and subdivision experts are eager to help you with your application and get you the Council approval you need.

Our knowledge and success puts us a mile ahead of others in the land subdivision industry. Let’s take your project ahead with your application and get it approved!


What to expect from your FREE consultation with us?

We aim to gain a thorough understanding of your project, your goals and when you would like to get the Council approval.


Our Council expert will assess your project and let you know about the feasibility of the plan moving forward

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We then proceed to the Preliminary Planning Assessment which would validate whether your project being approved by the council

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Finally, after taking every aspect of your project into account and we create a custom approval plan to take it ahead

This is a no-obligation call that only aims to understand you and your project,and show you a path ahead on how we can help you get your applications approved by the Council

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!​

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!​

This guide is all you need for successful land subdivision in Melbourne!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!​