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What is a subdivision?

Subdivision is the process of subdividing land or property into smaller pieces, known as lots.

How to develop land into a subdivision?

You can subdivide your land into various units, each of which is known as a subdivided block. By getting the necessary consent and approval of your application, you can officially start subdividing your land into blocks that you can use for your needs.

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What are the benefits of subdividing?

What is zoning and why is it important?

Zoning is the segregation of land or property into smaller sections called zones that facilitate their regulation and productive usage. Essentially, zoning helps national and local authorities of VIC to designate pieces of subdivided land and make sure that they are used judiciously.

How is zoning classified in Victoria?

A zone is classified into three different types of land constraints:

Sections Land Constraints
Section 1 Does not require a planning permit
Section 2 Requires a planning permit
Section 3 Prohibited usage: Some applications (such as factories) are not allowed

How are overlays important in subdivisions?

Overlays represent a pictorial representation of all the relevant locations and property features that are susceptible to environmental hazards such as flooding or landslides.

What are some considerations to be kept in mind before land subdivision?

Define R20/R40 Zoning

R20/R40 is an instance of dual-density zoning, which gives more flexibility to property owners to subdivide land. R20 gives a 50% open space requirement and 20 lots per hectare of land, while R50 gives a 45% open space requirement and 40 lots per hectare of land.

How much does it cost to subdivide a property?

The approx cost to subdivide a property would come to $25-$35,000

What is the land subdivision process in Victoria?

For Victoria properties, the following highlights how to subdivide land in Victoria:

Wondering what is an ultimate development site? We have the answer for you!

What size of block can be subdivided in Melbourne, VIC?

The minimum land size for the subdivision of a block in Melbourne is 600 m². However, it is worth noting that a subdivision can also be done on blocks as small as 200 m² as per the site requirements.


How do you know if your property can be subdivided?

Get in touch with your local land planning/development office and share relevant details about your land with them. They will highlight the subdivision process for your land and inform you regarding any zoning restrictions, if present. They will check for any such restrictions that you should be wary about and you will be informed about it even before you buy the property. Accordingly, you will get to know whether your land can be subdivided or not.

What is a plan of subdivision?

With a plan of subdivision, subdividing land gets easier as you can split up your land into two or more units, each of which gets a unique designation and title. These units typically include roads, lots and property.

Is it profitable to subdivide?

Many people wonder, “should I subdivide my property?”. The answer is an absolute YES! Subdivision of land brings many benefits that include selling off subdividing land or giving it for rent, increased value of the property or building new projects in the subdivided land.

How long does it take to subdivide land in Victoria?

The entire process culminating in the Statement of Compliance will take at least 6 months and can go up to a year or a year and a half’s time.

Land Subdivision Site Criteria - An Understanding

Registering your land will take up to 15 working days.

STCA stands for ‘Subject to Council Approval’ and it highlights the potential of a property/land to be subdivided. However, it should be noted that a property/land with STCA isn’t guaranteed to get approval for subdivision

Subdividing land can be a tedious process. Right from the application, generating a plan and getting approvals, the process may take months to even more than a year. However, taking assistance from professional land subdivision experts like Low Cost Draftsman can make the process easier and hassle-free. 

In VIC, the smallest lot you can build on is a size of at least 300 square metres.

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