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Budget Draftsman

High quality draftsman services at
low prices

Rich Experience

Experience in hundreds of renovation and extension projects in Sydney

End To End Services

Unique end to end services ranging from Development Approval to engineering


With careful attention to detail to your construction requirements, we create a thorough design for your building project


Our extensive (CAD) expertise helps in creating a complete drafting package that goes in sync with your needs & expectation

Reliable structural engineering solutions which result in stable and
sound structures.

The development of any project needs an immaculate and accurate design to back it up. And when it comes to construction projects, the design drawings serve as the very basis of the entire project. Using the services of a professional draftsman company, structures can be easily conceptualised and constructed from start to finish.

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Low Cost Draftsman is your go-to destination for all your building design and Development Approval needs in Sydney

Low Cost Draftsman, a premier draftsman company in North Shore, has a team of highly experienced drafters who excel in offering end to end draftsman services to make the finest drawings for any building project in a remarkable budget.

Backed with our core expertise in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), we help design and build structures and buildings projects through our flawless construction drawings all across Sydney. In addition, we take the reliability in our services a step ahead by also offering expert structural engineering solutions. This way, we serve as a complete design and engineering unit for all of Sydney’s design needs. All of this, at a very affordable budget.

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When it comes to the creation of effective Development Approval (DA Submission) applications and getting the corresponding approvals in Sydney, Low Cost Draftsman holds an undisputed edge with its supreme track record of having worked with a variety of city councils from all across Sydney. The list of city councils that we have worked with over the years includes:

The list of city councils that we have worked with over the years includes:

  • Bayside Council

  • Blacktown City Council

  • Municipality of Burwood

  • Camden Council

  • Cumberland City Council

  • Fairfield City Council

  • Georges River Council

  • Hornsby Shire Council

  • Municipality of Hunter's Hill

  • North Sydney Council

  • Liverpool Council

  • City of Ryde Council

  • And many other councils spread across Sydney


Phenomenal Development Approval (DA Submission)
Solutions With Low Cost Draftsman

Low Cost Draftsman has carved a special niche for itself in Development Approval (DA Submission) solutions across Sydney. Let’s face it: any development project is bound to come with heaps of complications and tedious procedures and as such, getting approval for your building project needs to go through an expert town planner who possesses the required experience and expertise in getting building projects approved for a certain area in Sydney.

Low Cost Draftsman ensures that your development application is submitted to the council without any hassles and we constantly act as a point of contact between you and the council. In addition, our expert town planners from Low Cost Draftsman are specifically equipped to manage any sort of aspects that can potentially hinder your project application from getting approved. Our tremendous track record in Development Approval throughout Sydney is testament to our expertise in this field.

Why Choose Us For Development Approval In Sydney?

  • We come with years of experience that gives us a thorough understanding of how the council operates and the standards they expect

  • Proficient at keeping any issues away right from the beginning of the application

  • We possess the skills to effectively conduct important negotiations and discussions at the Council

  • Our professional expertise makes sure that the entire project development becomes easier and free from hassles

  • We put your needs at a priority and focus on working towards meeting those goals

  • An exceptional track record of several successful Development Approval ventures in Sydney

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Our Services

Development Approval Drawings

Through our Development Approval drawing services, we manage land resources and help in shaping buildings throughout Sydney. Our full-fledged expertise in CAD allows us to cover the following aspects of Development Approval:

  • Site Plans

  • Floor Plans

  • Elevations

  • Shadow diagrams

  • Electrical Plans

  • Cross Sections

  • Council submissions for Residential Developments

In addition, we possess remarkable expertise in the effective subdivision of blocks for the area of land in question. We submit a completely feasible design that meets all the Development Approval standards and successfully attain the Development Approval from the council, necessary to take the project forward. Furthermore, with the successful sync of your project with all the conditions of the Development Approval, the Statement of Compliance from the council. Gradually, we complete the block subdivision in the shortest time possible.

Construction Certificates Drawings

The building department’s checklist must always be strictly followed in order to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted construction of any building project in an area. As such, we offer working drawings for a permit in the area of construction, covering all aspects of roofing, electrical, plumbing and landscaping parameters. In short, our Construction Certificates drawings give verification to the construction of the project and meets all the required standards for safety and energy efficiency in Australia such as all Sydney councils, local R codes and the BCA.


Structural Engineering

Apart from being the go-to budget draftsman company in Sydney, we also offer highly efficient and practical structural engineering solutions. Our team of engineers possesses hands-on practical experience and knowledge in the various aspects of structural engineering and as such, we specialise in offering our clients a full end to end offering for designing and building their construction projects. We help in designing structures that can withstand the inherent stresses and loads of the building as well as the environment, remaining stable and safe throughout.

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Why Choose Us

The Undeniable Benefits

  • Get high quality and efficient working drawings at a remarkable budget

  • Quick and highly reliable services

  • Full end to end services starting from Development Approval, through to Construction Certificates and structural engineering solutions

  • We help conceptualise the ideal floor plan for your project

  • Recode compliant to ensure side setbacks, overlooking, overshadowing etc in order to make your project compliant

  • Completely optimised layouts

  • An established track record of rich experience in residential architecture projects across Sydney since 2014

  • Provision of live performance feedback, updates on all stages and regular correspondence with our designers

  • Best-in-industry affordable rates for all our services

  • Way Cheaper than an architect

We aim to be your go-to destination for all your construction design needs. Our extensive expertise in CAD covers all your design needs for building projects in any area of Sydney. We take it one step ahead with our structural engineering solutions that impart a sense of completion and affordability for turning your dreams into reality!


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