What is town planning?

What do town planners do and the town planning process explained!

Town planning can be understood as a planning process in which the Local Council reviews your plans and decides if it will be in the best interest for the development of the area in question. Town planning is a process that falls in the realm of both technical as well as political because of strategic planning and local government involvement.

Who is a town planner?

A town planner is a qualified professional with knowledge and has extensive experience town planning. A town planner works with national, regional and local authorities to create town plans that fit in with neighborhood character. At Low Cost Draftsman, we bring the best of town planning to the table that increases your chances of getting Council approval.

What is Town Planning Approval

Town planning is all about making economically and ergonomically sound development plans that will bring better living to occupants of the area in question. With assistance from a town planner, expansive and convenient planning provisions can be drafted and applied for Council’s approval.

The Council approval decision is based on whether the planned development fits in the neighborhood + meets Rescode requirements. The Council will look into several factors such as water availability, electricity connection, accessibility to roads, sewer, access to other essential services, and whether the development will overshadow or overlook into neighborhood homes. These factors are considered when your proposal is submitted for Council approval. The Planning Permit will also list conditions that must be satisfied before the Statement of Compliance can be issued.

What Are The Relevant Considerations In A Town Planning Application?

For residential projects, the Council can consider the following points as part of town planning:

- In the scenario of commercial and industrial projects, the town planning process remains the same but the Council considers several other factors such as:

At Low Cost Draftsman, we tactfully analyse your property and draft a proposal that meets the Council’s guidelines. Contact one of our friendly town planning consultants today.

What is Town Planning process?

When is Town Planning Needed? Looking for town planning services Melbourne?

Town planning is essential to ensure the sustainability of cities in Australia and with adequate town planning you can participate in development projects that are council approved and adds value to your property. Know what the town planning process is below!

The steps as followed in Town planning are as under:

While it may seem easy on the outside to undergo drafting proposal, complying to Planning Permit conditions and having the final Statement of Compliance in hand, it is much advised to get professional help and assistance to ensure your property development project can be dealt with utmost proficiency and professionalism while following all necessary regulations that increase your chances of getting Council approval. Low Cost Draftsman has established itself as a town planning services Melbourne provider that attends to all your concerns and drafts a plan that increases your chances for Council approval.

Why Town Planning?

The economic, ergonomic and environmental benefits of town planning

The necessity of town planning will always be relevant to the need of the future. Australia is a highly urbanised society in the world that does need tactful town planning to ensure future sustainability. Town planning has been practised for centuries and is responsible for economic and ergonomic development of Australia.

Many property owners today go for town planning and subdivision to maximise their property’s potential or to make more room for family members. At Low Cost Draftsman, we have a team of seasoned town planning consultants who can help you identify if you really need subdivision and if do, what are your best available options. While conceptualisation of your dream property is crucial towards drafting a plan, initialisation and completion are equally important.

The honest truth is, if you decide to take matters in your hands, motivation to get your property subdivided to meet necessary town planning needs may fizzle out. While with a team of professional town planners, project managers and land surveyors you can experience benefits, ease of having the process and development done smoothly.

While the application process to the Council is a risk and may not yield desired results, our team of professionals leave no stone unturned to increase your chances of approval. Development projects come with their own shortcomings that can be overcome with professional and experienced town planning team of your own!

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